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3 min readOct 4, 2023


The title of this post may seem to defy the laws of physics. Let us explain.

One of the best things about Blank Slate is how efficiently it strengthens knowledge. Our custom algorithm only prompts people to review content when they are in danger of forgetting it.

So when people have consistently used Blank Slate for a while and have mastered their content, they start to actually use Blank Slate less.

For a window into how these time savings shake out for a Blank Slate user, we’ll showcase some data from a Blank Slate power user. This person, we’ll call him Smarty Byrde, works in cyber security and has used Blank Slate for over six months. (If you don’t know the Smarty Byrde reference, please stop reading this and go watch Ozark.)

To establish Smarty’s credibility, first check out how far his knowledge levels about cyber security have come in just six months of using Blank Slate.

Now, check out the steep drop in the number of questions that Smarty has had to review over time. He’s mastered so much of his content that he now spends 30 seconds or less during each Blank Slate session. He used to spend upwards of three minutes!

In addition to reviewing fewer questions over time, people also save time with Blank Slate because they can answer their questions more quickly. When we learn something really well, we can recall it automatically without much thought or hesitation. In the graph below, you can see how Smarty’s memory became automated when answering a particular question over time.

The bottom line is: If you use Blank Slate a lot, eventually you will start using it less. With a little effort up front, users are rewarded with time savings.

Time saved on training and reviewing protocols means users have more time to get an extra task done at work, or help a colleague, or pet the office dog. For our clients, this translates into a more efficient and productive workforce that also knows their stuff really well.

And what’s more, our users are happy with the amount of time it takes them to use Blank Slate. Here’s some data from 235 of our randomly surveyed users:


Amy Smith, PhD

Chief Scientist, Blank Slate Technologies



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