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3 min readJan 12, 2024


In early 2023, a team of security guards started using Blank Slate to enhance their cognitive performance in the workplace. In June of 2023, we took a look at how quickly Blank Slate was helping the guards who started out with lower knowledge levels catch up to their coworkers who started off with higher knowledge levels.

We did this by grouping 70 of their security guards as “high knowledge” or “low knowledge” based on whether they performed higher or lower than 76% (their median score) the first time they used Blank Slate. This resulted in 35 employees with “high” knowledge and 35 with “low” knowledge at the start. We conducted this analysis anonymously solely for internal purposes, ensuring no information about individual employees was disclosed to our client.

As you can see in the graph below, after three months the knowledge gap for employees with low versus high knowledge levels closed to a 6 point difference, leaving us wondering: When will those with lower knowledge fully catch up to those with higher knowledge?

Six months into using Blank Slate for just 2–3 minutes per week, employees who started with lower knowledge levels had caught up to those who started with higher knowledge levels.

Where we are today

These security guards have now been using Blank Slate for almost a year. With more time having passed, we finally know exactly when the employees with lower knowledge levels caught up to their coworkers with higher knowledge levels.

That glorious day was day #184, just six months into the Blank Slate journey.

As marked by the “6 month” line in the graph above, all employees achieved a staggering 95% knowledge level on average on day #184. In just half a year, every team member, regardless of their starting point, was 95% proficient in their workplace protocols and procedures.

What makes this achievement even more astounding is the minimal time investment — a mere 2–3 minutes per person per week. Blank Slate’s magic lies in its ability to deliver significant cognitive improvement for a minimal time commitment. The knowledge gaps in this particular organization very likely would have closed even faster with just a few more minutes of usage each week, but closed rapidly nonetheless.

And the best part? Those sky-high knowledge levels have persisted ever since, as you can see in the graph. This has resulted in significant performance improvements for the team and fewer mistakes in their work, leading to better outcomes across the board.

Blank Slate isn’t just an app; it’s a game-changer. With real-time analytics that uncover knowledge gaps and inform an AI-powered, individualized approach to cognitive enhancement, Blank Slate propels entire workforces to new heights. High performers maintain their excellence, and those in need of a boost catch up swiftly. And for just a few minutes each week, workforces can maintain high levels of cognitive readiness indefinitely.

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Amy Smith, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Blank Slate



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